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Home Inspection
Most people think about having a home inspection when they purchase a home.  And honestly, this is the majority
of the inspections that we do.  But there are several other instances when a home inspection is advisable.

Home Sellers- In a buyer’s market, sellers need to
be sure there are no existing issues that could turn
an interested buyer off.

New Construction- Newly constructed home should
be inspected just before closing and/or just prior to the
expiration of the warranty period (while problems are
still the responsibility of the builder).

Existing Home Owners- If it has been more than 10
years since your home has been inspected, it is a good
idea to have a licensed inspector go through the home
to identify new or developing issues.

Safety -  Over time, components of a home begin to deteriorate or not function as they originally did.  A safety
inspection can identify issues that may harm homeowners, their families and guests.

Mold Inspection - Within 48 hours of a water event, mold can start to grow on the structure of the home.  
Identifying the types and scope of a mold problem will help minimize its impact on the homeowner.

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